Main Street Board


The Board shall hold regular meetings at least once a month. The board shall designate regular meeting dates and location. 

Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called as necessary by the Mayor, City Manager, Chairperson, or upon request of two or more members of the board. All meetings must comply with the posting notices contained in the Texas Open Meetings. 

Each board member and the office of the city manager must be notified 24 hours prior to the posting of such specially called meetings and all such meetings shall be open to the public. A majority of the board shall constitute a quorum to do business. 


The Mayor shall appoint with the advice and consent of the City Council a board to be known as the Main Street Advisory Board. The board shall consist of 7 members.

The members shall appoint one of the board members as chairperson. Each member shall be appointed for a 2 year term and will serve at the pleasure of the Pearsall City Council.


The Main Street Advisory Board of the City of Pearsall, Texas is established to provide the City Council with recommendations by the Board for preservation and revitalization of the historic downtown and commercial neighborhood districts of Main Street Pearsall (the Central Business District). 

The Board is also established to provide for the achievement of the Main Street Program Goals of Organization, Promotion, Design, and Economic Restructuring.

Rules & Regulations

The board shall establish its own rules and regulations for conducting business. Such rules and regulations shall be consistent with the ordinances oft he City of Pearsall and the statutes of the State of Texas. 

Any member of the Board who has a conflict of interest with an agenda item shall remove him/herself from participation and voting on the subject. 

The Chairperson shall provide the Board with all information necessary for the performance of its duties.



All members of the Board shall serve without compensation. Reasonable travel related expenses incurred during the performance of duties shall be reimbursed when authorized by the city manager. 

Membership Requirements

All members of the Board shall meet the requirements established in the City of Pearsall Charter and in Texas State Law for membership. 

Role as an Advisory Board

This board shall be of an advisory capacity only. All recommendations from the board must be by majority vote of the members present and must be submitted in writing to the city manager for distribution to the city council.

Member Removal & Vacancies

The members of the board shall be subject to removal from office by City Council for any cause determined by the Council to be in the best interest of the City of Pearsall in accordance with the City Charter. 

Any vacancy in the membership of the board by resignation, removal, or for reasons indicated above, shall be filled by appointment by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the City Council.

For more information, view the City of Pearsall Charter (PDF).