Planning & Community Development

Mission Statement

Working together with the community to improve the quality of life in Pearsall by providing excellent integrated planning services, guiding growth, preserving the cultural heritage, equitably and fairly administering the application of city ordinances to ensure sustainable development for our current citizens as well as future citizens of Pearsall.

Department Description

The Planning and Community Development Department is responsible for the preparation and administration of the city's comprehensive plan policies; the implementation of the comprehensive plan including land development, zoning, housing, transportation, annexation and public facilities.

Below is a timeline overview of the City's current Comprehensive Plan:
Pearsall Comprehensive Plan 2040


The Pearsall Community together with City officials, at a meeting held on June 25, 2018 arrived at a vision statement for the City of Pearsall seeking:

"An all inclusive, vibrant garden city where the citizens enjoy a good quality of life and are proud to call home. A highly educated, economically stable community that promotes sustainable development thereby setting an example for others to follow"

Above shows the commencement of the comprehensive plan process where the community gathered together to create a vision for "Our New Horizon"

Pearsall Community Survey (English Version)

Pearsall Community Survey (Version en espanol)  

The department also responds to residential and commercial development requests for building permits, planning and other zoning matters. The general goal is to create a community of choice where people would want to live, work and have fun. Various sections within the department include:

  • Annexation
  • Community Planning
  • Historic Districts
  • Maps and Tools
  • Sector Development
  • Zoning and Land Development