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Department Mission Statement

The Pearsall Police Department strives to provide "Quality Service" by providing professional service with honor, integrity and a commitment to excellence to the community. We perform our mission through diligent crime prevention, victim assistance, disaster preparedness and problem-oriented policing. We strive daily to live by our department motto, "Justice is Coming."

Police Department Badge

Department Vision

United in a spirit of teamwork, the Pearsall Police Department will be an open, friendly and community-minded organization devoted to quality public service, and a community policing strategy that encourages interactive partnerships between your police and the people they serve. These partnerships will help our community find solutions to problems through collaborative problem solving and improved public trust. Through this model, the public plays a role in prioritizing public safety problems.

Department Staff

The Pearsall Police Department is comprised of:

  • 16 certified police officers
  • 2 animal control (M.A.C.E) officers
  • 2 administrative assistants

All who are invested in the well-being of our citizens and work within the community to ensure that Pearsall remains a safe and pleasant place to work and live.


PPD Flag