My vehicle was impounded by police. Now what do I do?

Storing Vehicles

All vehicles will be stored at:
911 Veterans Drive
Pearsall, TX 78061


Charges include $175 for towing, plus related fees, storage charges which will accrue at $20 per day until vehicle is removed. A notification fee of $50, a lien holder fee of $50 if applicable and in impound fee of $20, total charges cannot be computed until the vehicle is removed. The storage charges will accrue daily until the vehicle is removed. Vehicles are released between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday 1 one-hour notice, unless prior arrangements have been approved. Proof of ownership and insurance is required to reclaim the vehicle.

Failure to Remove the Vehicle

The failure of the owner and all interested parties to exercise its right to remove the vehicle within 20 days of the postmark of a notice, said time periods constitutes a waiver by the owner and all interested parties of all rights, title, and interest in the vehicle and said owner and all interested parties' consents to the disposal of the vehicle as provided by law. Owner and all interested parties further appoint the Pearsall Police Department as agent to execute said release and any and all documents as may be required to dispose of the vehicle.

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