Main Street Program


Pearsall Main Street supports a unified and unique downtown community that preserves history, encourages the arts, promotes business, and cultivates a dynamic future.


Revitalization helping to preserve and restore historic buildings, implementing promotional events that strengthen business life, and elevate Pearsall’s unique sense of place.  Main Street has a four Point Approach that strives to save our heritage by preserving historic downtown areas.  The four points are Design, Economic Restructuring, Promotions, and Organization.


On January 1, 2018 Pearsall entered the Main Street in Texas Program being designated as the 88 out of 90 Texas cities to be a part of the program.

The term ‘Main Street’ is used to describe a program of method to carry out a revitalization effort in a historic downtown through the branding Four Point Approach, which was the result of a revitalization theory tested in the late 1970s through the National Trust for historic Preservation (NTHP) and rolled out across the country beginning in 1980.  Texas was one of the first states in the county designated to work with local communities to carry out the Approach and continues in this capacity today.

The Main Street Program will create a vibrant, multiple-use, pedestrian-friendly downtown.  That will increase economic vitality as well as saving historic building that give Pearsall character and bring back the small town charm.  As the Texas Main Street Community proves design assistance for property and business owners, technical training, and management to implement economic development in the contest of historic preservation.  Main Street focuses on leading the commercial revitalization effort and to develop and implement a strategy for economic development and historic preservation in the downtown business district.  Creating a active historic downtown area that will become a gathering area for the community to come together.


The Main Street Program has four committees that strive on growing the community.  If you would like to volunteer or for more information contact Leah N. Carrizales, Main Street Manager.

Main Street Manager

Leah N. Carrizales
Office: 830-505-7241
371 S. Oak Street
Pearsall, TX 78061