Caregiver Resource Center

The library is proud to work in conjunction with the Alamo Area Council of Governments and offer the Caregiver Resource Center, funded by the Alamo Area Agency on Aging.  The Area Agency on Aging provides access services that provide older persons and their family members or other caregiver’s efficient access to needed services, provide effective screening and assessment of individual needs, and provide advocacy for the older persons in the region.


The Pearsall Public Library contains an abundant amount of informational brochures on health and safety, a collection of books specific to the needs of caregivers and the elderly, training videos and circulations with information on services specifically available through the offices of the Alamo Area Agency on Aging.  The library is also a meeting site for the AACOG to meet with citizens for assessments and evaluations.


For more information on caregiver programs, support for caregivers or services available for the elderly, please come by the library or contact the AACOG by visiting the website Alamo Area Agency on Aging or calling their toll free number:  1-866-231-4922.


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