The Utility Billing Department operates under the direction of the Finance Department and its primary function is to provide the citizens of Pearsall with prompt and courteous customer service while maintaining an accurate and efficient utilities billing and collection system. The Utility Billing department provides water, gas, sewer and garbage collection customer service to the citizens of Pearsall, and prepares monthly bills and makes collections. It addition to overseeing the monthly reading of customer utility meters, preparing monthly billing statements, and conducting daily collections, it also provides the billing and collection for solid waste collection service on behalf of ACI Recycling & Disposal.

Services Provided

Service Information: Customers who wish to start, stop, or transfer utility service should contact the Utility Billing Department located at City Hall during normal business hours.

City Hall
215 S. Ash Street
Pearsall, Tx
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

New Service:

New customers must complete an application and pay a security deposit to begin service.  This may be done in person at City Hall, or can be submitted by mail.  Please send completed application and security deposit to:

City of Pearsall,
Attn: Utility Billing Department
215 S. Ash Street
Pearsall, Texas 78061

Transfer Customer or Cancellations:

Customers who wish to transfer or cancel their service within the City limits of Pearsall may do so by telephone or by visiting our office in person. If you are transferring water service within the City, you may be able to have your deposit transferred also. Security deposits will be applied to the balance on your final bill.   It is also important to provide a forwarding address in order that a final bill or refund can be promptly delivered.

Service Disruption:

If your water, gas, and garbage service has been suddenly interrupted and you do not know the cause, please call the Utility Billing Department at 830-334-3676. When water service has been discontinued for non-payment of a bill, the full amount of the bill plus a $20.00 reconnection fee must be paid before service is reinstated.

Service Calls:

Customers should contact the Utility Billing Department to report water leaks, sewer back-ups, or water quality problems. In the event of any service needs, customers are advised to notify the Utility Billing Department a few days in advance. Please call 830-334-3676 during normal business hours. If you have service problems after hours due to an emergency situation, call 830-334-3311.

For missed garbage pickups or damaged cart replacement – call City of Pearsall Utility Billing Department at 830-334-3676.

Payment Information

Due Date:

Customers are billed monthly for water, sewer, gas, and garbage services. Payment is due no later than ten days from the billing date. After the 17th day, a penalty will be assessed on the balance. If payment still has not been received within approximately 25 days after the billing date, your service will be disconnected. Additionally, there will be a reconnect fee to have your service reinstated.

To avoid service being disconnected and being assessed the reconnect fee, customers unable to pay their bill in full by the due date should contact the Utility Billing Department to make payment arrangements. Payment arrangements are done on a case-by-case basis. Customers must complete and sign a payment arrangement agreement.

Methods of Payment:

In Person:  The Utility Billing Department is located at

City Hall
215 S. Ash Street
Pearsall, Tx

Customers can access the walk-in lobby or the drive-thru window.   Lobby and drive-thru are available Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Credit Card payments are available at City Hall.  For the convenience of our customers, a drop box located at City Hall (drive-thru) is available for utility payments after regular hours.  All payments received in the drop box will be credited to the customer’s account the next business day.

Electronic Bank Drafting Service: In an effort to provide better service, the City offers electronic bank drafting service for monthly water bill payments. This can be arranged with almost any financial institution at no additional cost. Customers selecting this payment option will receive a monthly bill stating “Amount Due will be Bank Drafted – DO NOT PAY.” Your bank will then deduct the water bill amount approximately two or three days prior to the due date printed on the bill and forward your payment to the City. There is no charge for this bank draft plan and service may be discontinued at any time by simply notifying the City in writing.  To establish this service, please contact Utility Billing Department at 830-334-3676.

Voluntary Donations

The City of Pearsall has established a voluntary donation program that is payable with your monthly water bill. The program is strictly voluntary and allows a total contribution of $2.00 per month to be utilized for the Library, Parks, Economic Development and Fire Department services only.

The Library will use funds for capital improvements with emphasis on purchasing of books, records, cassettes, video cassettes, additional furnishings, and automation of library operations. The Parks Department will receive funds for capital improvements with emphasis on upkeep of parks, ball fields, tennis courts, and playground equipment. Funds will also be used for Economic Development to assist in locating and attracting new businesses to the City of Pearsall. The Fire Department will use funds for general support with emphasis on the Volunteer Training Program and supplemental supplies, specialized equipment, and continuing education and training. All contributions are tax deductible.

For more information, please contact Anita Vasquez, Utility Billing Supervisor at 830-334-3676.

Other Utility Services

DISCLAIMER:  The City is not affiliated nor does it endorse any of the companies found at these Web sites.   The links are provided solely as a courtesy.  Please research your choices before making any commitments.

Electricity – You may choose from a number of power service companies.  Go to http://www.powertochoose.com  for information provided by the State of Texas.

Telephone – Public Utility Commission of Texas provides a search for local and long distance telecommunication service providers, residential and commercial.  To use their search tool, go to their website at http://www.puc.texas.gov/consumer/phone/providers/Search_Phone.aspx.  Type in the “City of Pearsall” to find a current list of providers.

Cable – Cable television companies are not regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, however there are some useful 3rd party search tools available over the web to find companies that offer service in Pearsall.  WWW.Whitefence.com or WWW.Allconnect.com have search features that have contact information for some of the companies in our area.