Water Valve Replacement Work Continues 1/11-12

There will be a drop in water pressure in parts of the city Thursday night, January 11th starting at 6:00 PM and running into the early hours of Friday morning as part of the City’s valve replacement project. It will also be advertised in the paper, and emergency services including the hospital have been given extra notice. We will have low pressure in the Hackberry area primarily but the project could affect the entire city somewhat.

We realize these projects pose a minor inconvenience from time to time, however, when they are completed these new valves will help us minimize the number of people affected when we have to work on our water system. At the end of these projects, life will be easier on everyone and the possibility of large scale water outages due to a failure of a small part of the water system will be significantly reduced.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to improve our city.

This should be the last major valve project and the remainder of the current street projects should be completed within the next three weeks.

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