Tourism & Business Development Board

Regular Meetings 

Meetings shall be held monthly. 


The City Council shall, by majority vote, appoint members to the Tourism and Business Development Board. Appointment to the Board shall be for a term of 2 years, subject to removal by City Council as set forth in the City Charter. 

All other provisions outlined in the City Charter related to Board and Commission members shall apply.


The City of Pearsall Tourism and Business Development Center will:

  • Manage local festivals
  • Coordinate with local motels and businesses to increase tourism opportunities
  • Manage and operate the City of Pearsall Convention and Civic Center
  • Market tourism events to increase the number of visitors to the City of Pearsall

The Business Development Center will also:

  • Provide basic business skills training to local businesses
  • Implement the Main Street Program 
  • Work with local businesses to ascertain opportunities for business advancement 
  • Organize local business for more effective promotion of the City of Pearsall.


The Board itself shall elect and designate from its members a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson to preside over the Board meetings. 

Guidelines, regulations and responsibilities shall be prescribed by ordinance from the City Council.

Role as an Advisory Board

The Board shall serve as an advisory Board to the City Council. 

The Director of the Tourism and Business Development Department shall:

  • Serve as the Secretary of the Board
  • Be present at all meetings
  • Provide a report each month, along with Board recommendations to the City Council for possible adoption by the Council

The Board shall strive to make recommendations that will increase tourism and improve business opportunities within the City of Pearsall.

For more information, view the City of Pearsall Charter (PDF).