Tourism & Business Development Center


The City of Pearsall Tourism and Business Development Center serves the broader interests of the economy of the City of Pearsall by supporting, maintaining and expanding the City's domestic and international tourism and business market, thereby generating increased visitor expenditures, tax revenues, and employment. The department develops, organizes, operates and maintains local festivals, works to assist local business owners with the revitalization of Main Street, and recommends programs to be implemented with City Council approval, that are beneficial to travel related business, that no business would be expected to carry out on its own. The simple mission of the department is to bring more visitors to the city of Pearsall, to get them to stay longer, and to assist local business in improving their services so that visitors spend more money while


The City of Pearsall Tourism and Business Development Center through a spirit of friendship with our sister communities will work to increase our tourism market share and assist with business development that will grow the number of tourism dollars coming into the City of Pearsall, grow the number of visitors and increase the economic impact, resulting in a greater tax base for the City of Pearsall.

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The City of Pearsall Tourism and Business Development Center will manage local festivals, will work with local motels and businesses to increase tourism opportunities, will manage and operate the City of Pearsall Convention and Civic Center, and will market tourism events to increase the number of visitors to the City of Pearsall. The Center will provide basic business skills training to local businesses, will work to support the Main Street Program, will work with local businesses to ascertain opportunities for business advancement and will work to organize local business for more effective promotion of the City of Pearsall.