Payment Options

Pay Your Ticket Online

You can pay your municipal court fines, costs and fees securely through our online system

You may pay through this system if you have received a City of Pearsall citation, or if you have been arrested in the City of Pearsall, or if you have received a fine-only violation including traffic, non-traffic, and city ordinance or parking violation.

Using the Online System

When paying your citation online, please click  “Pay Citation” and “Pearsall."

If you click Frio, it will pay for County Cases.


Use of the online payment system to pay a fine will result in a conviction that may be reported on your driving record or your criminal record.

Methods of Payment

The court accepts money orders, cashier’s checks, and debit or credit cards.

Other Payment Options

You can pay in person or by mail at:

Pearsall Municipal Court
214 South Ash Street
Pearsall, TX 78061

Pay online

credit card payment