Types of Warrants

Municipal Court Warrants

There are two types of warrants that may be issued by the Municipal Court:

  • Alias warrants (arrest) are issued for individuals who fail to appear to answer to the charges files against them.
  • Capias Pro-Fine warrants are issued when an individual fails to comply with judgments and other court orders.

A warrant can be issued for your arrest when you:

  • Default on payment arrangements
  • Do not appear for your court date
  • Do not complete the Driver Safety Course requirements and do not appear to show cause
  • Do not comply with the terms of your probation and the probation is revoked
  • Do not pay a fine assessed by a judge
  • Do not respond to your ticket within 20 working days
  • Fail to comply with a community service order


When a warrant is issued, an additional warrant fee of $50 will be assessed on each case that a warrant is ordered on.

Outstanding Warrants

Individuals with outstanding warrants are encouraged to take care of these matters at once to avoid being arrested.

If you fail to dispose of your warrant, the City Marshals are responsible for actively pursuing individuals in warrant status; you may be subject to arrest at home, school, place of business, or during a traffic stop.

All warrants are entered into a regional database system that enables all police officers to check for active warrants. Therefore, you may be arrested by a jurisdiction other than Pearsall.

Please call our office at 830-334-4160, if you think you may have a warrant.