Criminal Investigation Division



The division consists of the Lieutenant, two Sergeants and the Corporal. Detectives work closely as lead investigators as well as a Crime Scene Investigation Unit. They gather the forensic evidence needed to work on their cases and will continue to work diligently on multiple cases until they are solved or until they can go no further with the evidence and other information they have gathered. They may be called to testify in court using the evidence and information that has been thoroughly and meticulously collected and analyzed by the detective, the state forensics entities, and state crime lab. Our Police detectives also act as victim advocates, doing everything they can to get justice for them while keeping them appraised of the progress of their case.


Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigations is headed by the Lieutenant, two Sgt. Investigators, and the Corporal/Detective.
  • Lieutenant                                                    Michael Guerrero                      
  • Sergeant                                                        Daniel Flores                                               
  • Sergeant                                                        John Hernandez                        
  • Corporal Detective                                         Nathan Ximenez